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Thien TranOD
  128 Reviews
Melanie Posted on 10/05/2021 09:28 PM.
Dr. Tran is exceptionally kind and truly honest. He gives recommendations for next steps, and his staff is equally knowledgeable and friendly. I cannot but give my highest recommendation for his office! My mother and I go back every year for our annual check-ups, and I can't think of going anywhere else.
Elizabeth Posted on 09/15/2021 02:53 PM.
Amazing service. Always so kind and helpful.
Karen Posted on 08/24/2021 05:24 PM.
very good service
Klytie Posted on 08/13/2021 10:15 PM.
Dr.Tran is great.listens to you. Staff is friendly, nice to work with!
Claudia Posted on 07/28/2021 04:37 AM.
Dr. Tran is always willing to listen and takes the time to make sure you leave satisfied and well informed. The staff is friendly and helpful!
Juan Posted on 07/15/2021 12:06 AM.
Amazing friendly and caring staff, the doctor is amazing and will answer all your questions. Been coming here for the past 4 years
Dan Posted on 07/02/2021 08:14 PM.
Great doctor! Very friendly and listens to you and answers every question.
Aaron Posted on 06/30/2021 05:12 PM.
We love this place. Staff is always so helpful and amazing. Dr. Tran always goes above and beyond with explaining everything in detail.
Jeannine Posted on 06/12/2021 04:32 AM.
Great doctor. Very knowledgeable. Always interested in your well-being and how that can impact your vision. Works with you to help you keep healthy eyes and eye sight. Great staff make sure you are welcomed and handles insurance issues professionally.
Blanca Posted on 05/05/2021 07:39 PM.
Doctor is interested in your well being and caring. His staff is very nice too.
Dana Posted on 03/25/2021 08:34 PM.
Very thorough and patient. Receptionist was very kind and helped conduct my exams. Dr. explained and answered all of my questions so I wasn't worried when I left his office.
Martin Posted on 03/15/2021 09:09 PM.
Great honest eye doctor I’ve ever met. Front desk service was top notch and helpful with everything.
Carl Posted on 02/10/2021 08:37 PM.
outstanding service. thank u dr & staff.
Norma Posted on 01/26/2021 04:42 AM.
I really like Dr He is very honest.
Gabriela Posted on 12/30/2020 04:28 PM.
Excellent customer service,
Brenda Posted on 11/27/2020 11:02 PM.
Dr. Tran has cared for my family for several years now. He is very thorough and answers all of our questions. His entire team is always helpful and attentive.
Yolanda Posted on 11/03/2020 04:36 AM.
I would definitely recommend Dr. Tran. Staff is friendly and caring. That makes a first good impression. Dr. Tran is very friendly and more importantly honest. He really is looking after his patients, which is very important to me. Office is very clean and high tech for those interested in the latest technology.
Justin Posted on 10/26/2020 09:55 PM.
Dr. Tran and his team were amazing! They were friendly, efficient, and explained everything along the way. This was my first visit here and will definitely go back!
Don Posted on 10/15/2020 03:59 AM.
Thank you Dr Tran for providing excellent care of our family’s vision needs.
Nahed Posted on 09/28/2020 09:52 PM.
Him & his staff were so great to me. This doctor knows his field & I felt like I was in safe hands.
Cheyanne Posted on 08/19/2020 07:48 PM.
Him and his staff were extremely helpful! This was my first visit, and I will definitely go back. Very thankful for them and how safe they made me feel!b
John Posted on 08/08/2020 06:36 PM.
Dr. Tran is awesome and his staff is great! He really helps you understand all your optometry needs.
Suzanna Posted on 07/28/2020 04:08 AM.
For my first time it was great all the staff was helpful and good customer service and DR.tran is doing a grate job he made me fell comfortable and has a good since of humor well let people know about you guys thank you
Klytie Posted on 07/10/2020 08:11 PM.
Dr.Tran is a great and his staff takes good care of Bob and I
Lidia Posted on 06/17/2020 05:11 AM.
Doctor Thien's got my eyes. I feel confident and safe knowing that he takes good care of them.Thank you!
Benjamin Posted on 06/08/2020 10:28 PM.
Very thorough and professional doctor. I would recommend him.
Alynah Posted on 06/06/2020 06:07 PM.
Amazing Staff. Love Dr. Tran always goes above and beyond with our family. Thank you so much
Elena Posted on 05/30/2020 05:22 AM.
Awesome and very professional as always. Dr. Thien Tran is always kind and patient with me and does such a good job answering any (and all the many questions) I have. Thank you so much
Grisel Posted on 05/14/2020 04:23 PM.
Like always.....Great customer service! Dr. Tran is great with his patients. He's very informative and he's always looking out for your best interest. Thank you.
Marysabel Posted on 05/10/2020 10:32 PM.
Amazing doctor. He takes his time to explain and make sure I understand. The girls at the front desk are always so welcoming and friendly.
Patricia Posted on 05/05/2020 11:54 PM.
Always a great annual exam. Very informative and patient.
Akito Posted on 04/17/2020 04:38 PM.
He is a very good doctor
James Posted on 03/15/2020 08:52 PM.
Dr Tran spends quality time to insure that you understand everything that is going on and making a game plan that is understandable and comfortable to follow.
Jeanette Posted on 02/14/2020 07:32 PM.
Dr. Tran is thorough and explains things so well. He has taken good care of my eyes over the years and I always know I can count on him. Don’t see any reason to ever visit a different eye doctor. Always happy with the service and his receptionists are so friendly as well.
Joseph Posted on 02/04/2020 11:22 PM.
Took my 6 year old son here and I do not regret best experience
Philip Posted on 02/01/2020 01:04 AM.
Dr. Tran is and has always been a great doctor for my eyes. He always explains everything to me that I can easily understand. He is never in a hurry. When you are with him he is only concerned about you and your eyes health. I could have seen the other doctor yesterday when he was off but I came in today 1-31-2020, to see him. It is always worth my time to drive from Stanton to see him.
Liliana Posted on 01/24/2020 08:32 PM.
Doctor Tran is very informative. He really takes the time to teach you about what's going on inside the eye. Helped me determine whether I should put my insurance towards contacts or glasses. (My insurance only covers one) He ask all the right questions to get you to talk about your daily habits.
Miranda Posted on 01/07/2020 01:52 AM.
Awesome Doctor! I took my daughter for her eye exam and he ended up not only helping her but, answering all my questions I had regarding my son as well. Very informative and professional. Great staffs as well, they are very proactive. I highly recommend him.
Esmeralda Posted on 11/15/2019 01:15 AM.
Amazing Doctor!! He is very thorough and knowledgeable. He goes out of his way for you and very caring as well as for my family.
Catherine Posted on 11/09/2019 01:18 AM.
excellent DOCTOR! Always take the time to answer all of my questions.
Samantha Posted on 10/05/2019 09:40 PM.
Always great service. Very attentive staff. Highly recommend.
Lori Posted on 09/24/2019 03:58 AM.
Very helpful. I like him because he is very practical about treating me. He is knowledgeable and has watched me during my chemo treatments and carefully measured effects of the chemo. My family goes there too. We are fans of Dr Tran. All of his staff are very helpful
Akito Posted on 09/17/2019 06:51 PM.
Akito Doctor was excellent, he takes time to explain the diagnosis. The staff was very nice and friendly.
Daavid Posted on 09/17/2019 01:11 AM.
Amazing experience I couldn’t ask for more very patient very respectful the dr is very nice takes the time to explain everything with detail makes sure the patient understands everything the check in girl is amazing as well she made me very happy with her customer service and had amazing patients for my child & and my mother love this place 10 stars
Cassandra Posted on 09/07/2019 09:03 PM.
Excelente customer service, Dr. takes the time to explain and is very clear.
Catherine Posted on 08/27/2019 07:03 PM.
Excellent doctor! He takes the time to explain the diagnosis. The staffs were very nice and helpful. Highly recommended.
Margaret Posted on 08/17/2019 08:05 PM.
Always a nice visit. Everyone in the office is pleasant and responsive. The conracr I got today until I have my cataract surgeries, are just like the previous though. I still cannot see well.
jessica Posted on 08/16/2019 10:11 PM.
Great visit! Very informative and easy!
Nora Posted on 08/16/2019 08:33 PM.
Nora 8/15/19 Very satisfied with my visit, Optometrist very knowledgeable and friendly, Staff very helpful and attentive,
Dan Posted on 08/01/2019 08:00 PM.
Very thorough and caring. Makes sure you understand and encourages questions.
Daniel Posted on 07/27/2019 07:37 PM.
I've been to many optometrists in the 15 years I've had glasses and this is by far the best one. Explanation was very thorough and the Dr made sure I had a complete understanding of what we discussed. The front desk service was very friendly and fast considering they were short staffed. I look forward to my next visit
James Posted on 07/27/2019 06:11 PM.
Great service! Always looking for my best interests
Rosa Posted on 07/20/2019 09:24 PM.
Amazing staff and doctor...
Dominic Posted on 07/09/2019 06:05 AM.
Very attentive and thorough in his explanation of my exam. My kids really liked the visit as well. The staff was great.I highly recommend this office.
Paul Ian Posted on 07/02/2019 11:50 PM.
Great doctor! Very helpful, friendly, and patient in terms of spending time to explain all that I needed to know and ask! Would recommend to everyone looking for an optometrist. Love the staff and environment. They always give the best recommendations and lay out all the options.
Paul Posted on 07/02/2019 07:06 PM.
Outstanding service. Outstanding staff. Definitely a great place to go.
Sally Posted on 06/20/2019 07:45 PM.
Very helpful, funny, he really cares
Margaret Posted on 06/09/2019 07:13 PM.
All of my experiences with Dr. Tran have been excellent. He and his staff are friendly, thorough, and knowledgeable. My situation recently presented Dr Tran with a quandary as to how to approach the situation. He sat with me and thought and talked until he came up with a good solution. Always a pleasure to go in his office.
Manuel Posted on 05/15/2019 04:29 PM.
very professional and courteous, really cares about patient needs and concerns, thank you for the great service
Juan Posted on 05/07/2019 02:32 AM.
Dr Tran and his Staff were AMAZING, took their time and patience with me on picking out the right Frames and lenses for my new pair of glasses, most importantly and attentively was that they stayed over their normal business hours and did not rush me up out of there! Definitely Bringing in the kiddos next... THANK YOU ALL, YOUR TEAM ROCKS!!!
Adriana Posted on 04/16/2019 04:23 PM.
Dr. Tran was very thorough in his explanations and genuinely cares that you understand your eye's health. I am very happy with the service he and his staff provided.
Joy Posted on 03/14/2019 04:12 AM.
Knowledgeable and Personable! Always a pleasant experience!
Thuymi Posted on 03/12/2019 03:57 PM.
Very knowledgeable.
Lucien Posted on 02/26/2019 10:42 PM.
Dr Tran and his staff were exceptional
Ian Posted on 02/21/2019 06:22 PM.
Very competent and helpful. Love doctor and staff.
Gianne Posted on 02/13/2019 04:19 PM.
Dr. Tran was very informative and gave clear & easily understandable explanations during his exam. Staff was nice and helpful.
Jorgina Posted on 02/09/2019 03:19 AM.
Very informative staff! Always finding the best solution to my needs.
Raymond Posted on 02/04/2019 07:20 AM.
A great experience each time I visit. Dr Tran asks about everything in my lifestyle that could affect my vision. He's the complete package, and the staff is great.
Marshall Posted on 01/19/2019 07:21 PM.
Fantastic experience!
Philip Posted on 01/19/2019 01:41 AM.
A great doctor for me. Honest and very attentive. Great staff too. Very clean office and restroom.
Marcellus Posted on 12/28/2018 12:52 AM.
He was great with my kids and made sure I was well informed!
Norma Posted on 12/12/2018 03:06 PM.
Very informative Doctor. Staff was also very helpful and very nice.
Kimberly Posted on 11/17/2018 08:45 PM.
Great doctor!
Michael Posted on 10/16/2018 01:46 AM.
This guys awesome
Erika Posted on 10/13/2018 04:59 PM.
Friendly, helpful and informative.
Lori Posted on 09/26/2018 05:36 PM.
Excellent Doctor!
Akihiro Posted on 08/15/2018 03:41 AM.
Dr Tran is very thorough and gave me his honest suggestions. Excellent and highly recommended!
Audra Posted on 08/04/2018 03:41 AM.
Very informative. Explains everything so you understand
Vincent Posted on 08/01/2018 09:51 PM.
Grest Optometrist. .
Dan Posted on 08/01/2018 09:24 PM.
Excellent doctor!
Jerome Posted on 07/04/2018 10:06 PM.
Very best!!
Mike Posted on 06/26/2018 10:21 PM.
Absolutely awesome experience. Very personable and patient. I highly recommend him.
Philip Ian Posted on 06/20/2018 05:44 AM.
Best Eye Doctor ever! Thorough and takes the time to with each patient. Also the opticians were very sweet and knowledgeable!
Paul Ian Posted on 06/19/2018 12:24 AM.
Very knowledgable, friendly, and caring physician. Very easy to put trust in! Glad to go back time and again for questions and visits!
Margaret Posted on 06/18/2018 03:35 PM.
Very nice experience from start to finish. No waste of time. I got an got out pretty swiftly. And it was very thorough I thought. All tests were explained. I was given the opportunity to wear my contacts for a week and come back for adjustment or to buy my year's supply.
Kimberly Posted on 06/17/2018 03:12 AM.
Love this place! I was referred here to get my prescription safety glasses for work and i brought my respirator to make sure my safety glasses fit. The doctor came and helped me find a size for me and even though i made it 30 minutes before closing he gave me an eye exam on the spot and now I have a new prescription. He was honest and patient with me the whole time even though they were closing I never felt rushed and he answered every question I had. I found my new eye doctor, never going back to lens crafters again! Just got quoted to get new lenses for my existing frame and they are going to call me when they are ready! Don't go anywhere else ! Thank you doctor!
Gabriela Posted on 06/14/2018 06:22 PM.
Awesome doctor! Definitely will be referring him and going back for future exams!
Marysabel Posted on 05/13/2018 01:27 AM.
Hands down best doctor in the industry. He’s very detailed and easy to understand. You never leave the office with unanswered questions :-)
Alexander Posted on 05/09/2018 06:42 PM.
Great Doctor. Very thorough and helps out as best as he can. Highly recommend him and I have told many co workers to go see him as well. They have gone and loved him.
Kimberly Posted on 10/17/2017 06:23 PM.
Saw Dr. Tran last year and got the best fit on glasses and prescription ever. Went back to him to day for my exam. Very professional, very thorough. I highly recommend him!
Raymond Posted on 10/10/2017 07:28 PM.
Dr Tran was very thorough and explained each step and the purpose of the tests I was very comfortablekit with the whomo
Cloevie Posted on 09/21/2017 10:49 PM.
He was very good at explaining everything. Will keep him as my eye Doc
Miguel Posted on 09/20/2017 02:28 AM.
Very patient and explain everything. Good visit and will continue to go to him.
Fred Posted on 08/22/2017 04:29 PM.
great doctor and office
Kya Posted on 08/05/2017 11:48 PM.
Very helpful and he really does take his time with his patients
Dan Posted on 08/01/2017 09:00 PM.
Very patient; makes sure you understand everything and actively listens to the patient and answers questions thoroughly..
Soledad Posted on 07/29/2017 04:38 PM.
Amazing Doctor, gives his opinion and his recommendations. He's easy to talk to and takes his time, makes sure you don't leave without satisfaction. Great visits every time.
Laurraine Posted on 06/25/2017 02:13 AM.
Great service and goes above and beyond for his patients!
Alexander Posted on 06/25/2017 02:12 AM.
Great Doctor, really cares and takes the time to explain everything
Anthony Posted on 05/09/2017 01:27 AM.
Listens to his patients and tries to meet their needs.
Jessica Posted on 05/03/2017 09:20 PM.
Dr. Tran is very knowledgeable.
Jacob Posted on 04/20/2017 02:11 AM.
Carly Sivula 4/19/2017 Dr. Tram was really great. They worked with me to afford the glasses for my son.Really nice and knowledgeable great with the kids.
Evelyn Posted on 04/18/2017 02:24 AM.
He listen, takes time to check on your issues and concerns, open to any questions. Everything they do in that clinic is transparent that makes you so comfortable around them. My whole family will be seen by him for sure.
Stephanie Posted on 04/14/2017 01:04 AM.
Dr. Tran was great! My first eye exam ever and he made me feel comfortable, he was easy to talk to. Would recommend him to anyone needing an optometrist. It was convenient & easy to fill out paperwork on the iPad his office provided instead of clipboard & paper.
Geoff Posted on 04/08/2017 08:39 PM.
I was with Dr Berry so I stayed with Dr Tran he was amazing all new updated equipment very comfortable atmosphere and very thorough I would recommend anyone to him
Anthony Posted on 04/04/2017 01:46 PM.
very kind and knowledgeable; i highly recommend dr tran
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