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Dr. Steven Downs, OD has been around the optometric for as long as he can remember and is excited to be the new owner of Villa Park Optometry. His Father, Dr. Robert Downs, also an Optometrist, runs Anaheim Hills Optometric Center in Anaheim Hills. Dr. Steve is actively involved in the California Optometric Association and Orange County Optometric Society. Dr. Steve graduated from Western University of Health Sciences, College of Optometry in 2018. He Spent extensive time in rotations at Denver Health Medical Center and Indian Health Services learning about Ocular Disease and Specialty Contact Lenses. He enjoys his work and strives to provide the best customized eye care service to all patients of Villa Park Optometry.
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Jared Posted on 01/21/2021 07:50 PM.
Dr. Downs gave a very thorough review of my eyes, made some slight changes to my contact prescription. He was very easy to speak with, down to earth and provided me with a fantastic eye exam. Office personnel were very polite and fun to engage in conversation with. I am very pleased overall and will see him again in 1-year for my check up...thank you VP Optometry
Brandon Posted on 01/21/2021 05:43 PM.
The establishment is conveniently located. The team members are very hospitable and professional. Karen and Susan, my little boy wants to visit soon to “play” the hot air balloon game again. They made his visit a delightful experience. All tests and procedures were made fun and age appropriate for my 7 year old. He is very timid with any office visit I am just so appreciative of everyone taking the time to get us adjusted. Keep up the great work! Dr. Downs has done amazing work with reaching our needs. Thank you all!
Dan Posted on 01/19/2021 04:58 PM.
Dr. Downs was very kind, informative, and professional. He helped me understand what the issue was, while explaining what the next steps are to take. Great service.
Wendy Posted on 01/14/2021 10:30 PM.
Dr. Downs became one of my new favorite doctors in the very first appointment! I am a new patient and Dr. Downs made me feel completely comfortable almost immediately. He is very personable and takes the time to talk with you to get to know you and listens to find out what all your concerns are. He is very knowledgeable and at the same time, is down-to-earth, explaining things in a way that is easy to understand. He is also very knowledgeable about medication, insurance and technology. I must also mention that his staff is wonderful, as well! Thank you!!
Naomi Posted on 01/05/2021 01:02 AM.
New Patient jitters completely went away as soon as I walked through those doors. Very impressed by how warm/welcoming both the patients and staff are. Excellent optometrist/ personable/ thorough. Learned more about my eyes today then I have in 16 years!!! Excited that I found ‘my home’ at Villa Park Optometry.
Victoria Posted on 12/31/2020 03:09 AM.
Excellent optometrist! Very friendly and great attitude! Always a pleasure going to get my eyes checked!
Donald Posted on 12/29/2020 04:34 AM.
Exceptional and thorough. Truly appreciate the attitude and clear desire to make certain I was happy and confident in the results of my appointment. Thank you, sincerely. I highly recommend Villa Park Optometry!
Susan Posted on 12/17/2020 08:08 PM.
The best and most professional eye doctor I’ve ever been to. Extremely friendly and easy to talk to, as well. His staff is courteous and friendly. I definitely would recommend him to anyone searching for a new eye doctor
Chris Posted on 12/15/2020 07:34 PM.
State of the Art doctor and equipment with the old world personal touch!
Gayle Posted on 12/07/2020 11:58 PM.
I need a last minute eye exam. Dr Steve was excellent! Personal and attentive.
Steve Posted on 11/25/2020 09:34 PM.
Great service from the office staff and easy but quality exam from Dr. Downs.
Sandra Posted on 11/18/2020 11:12 PM.
I had a wonderful eye exam with Dr. Downs today. He is so knowledgeable and personable and did a great eye exam on me. The staff has always been the best for my husband and I when we were seeing Dr. Furcolow and they are still there and great. I would recommend Dr. Downs to anyone who was looking for a great optometrist! We are very fortunate to have Dr. Downs working in our wonderful City of Villa Park.
Kathleen Posted on 11/12/2020 08:37 PM.
I had my first visit with Dr. Downs today was pleasantly surprised with the quality time he spent with me. I took the time to explain all aspects of the exam and made sure I to ask multiple times if I had any questions for him. His office staff is equally as friendly and took the time to help me choose new frames and reviewed all insurance questions before closing out my bill.
Sarah Posted on 11/11/2020 06:47 AM.
I went in for my first visit with Dr. Downs today, and might I say, I’m impressed! Both him, and his staff were extremely kind and knowledgeable. Dr. Downs helped me to understand my eyes and my vision in a way no other doctor has ever done. I left feeling very confident in his expertise. I definitely plan on going back for my yearly exams and I 100% recommend him to anyone in need of an exam!
Abigale Posted on 11/04/2020 11:55 PM.
I had the best visit today with Dr. Downs and his staff. I popped in for a last minute eye exam and was sooo happy and pleased they were able to accommodate me. The staff was beyond nice and welcoming and very COVID conscious which I really appreciated. I felt safe and well taken care of. My eye exam was perfect and I think my prescription will reflect that. Thanks Dr. Downs and team!
charles Posted on 11/03/2020 10:21 PM.
I've been a patient of Dr. Furculo for over 15 years and as much as I miss him Dr. Steve is even better. I just had one of the most through eye exams I've ever had. 5* +.
Chris Posted on 10/16/2020 02:28 PM.
I used to go to Villa Park Optometry for years but had some frustrating experiences, so stopped going. After hearing about the "change of guard" I wanted to give Dr. Downs a try. I'm so glad I did! He's great! I have unique challenges when it comes to contacts, and he did a great job of finding something for me that worked immediately. We're working now on getting me a pair of prescription sunglasses and I can't wait to try them! Also, the front-desk staff is wonderful. I'm afraid I forgot her name, but there's one professional there that is an insurance ninja. Saved me a ton of money! Give Dr. Downs and his team a try!
Bryce Posted on 10/12/2020 06:45 PM.
Friendly, helpful, comfortable.
John Posted on 09/23/2020 05:32 PM.
Easy going and through. Staff is incredible.
Charloette Posted on 09/06/2020 05:19 PM.
an amazing knowledgable caring and kind doctor - he gets 5 stars!!!!
Monique Posted on 09/03/2020 08:45 PM.
Fantastic appointment. Dr. Downs is thorough and knowledgeable. The staff is friendly and the office is clean.
Daniel Posted on 09/02/2020 09:08 PM.
Really enjoyed my first visit. Great experience and I would recommend Dr. Downs to anyone.
Fred Posted on 09/02/2020 03:11 AM.
Excellent first visit. His exam was fast, thorough and efficient.
Verna Mae Posted on 08/20/2020 10:38 PM.
Excellent doctor, really cares about getting the best vision correction. Takes his time and makes sure everything is in working order. Best eye doctor I’ve had
Kristen Posted on 07/25/2020 05:38 PM.
Wow, what can I say? The BEST EXAM EVER! I have Type 1 diabetes and also have been wearing glasses for farsightedness and a lazy left eye since I was in 5th grade so I have been to many optometrists and ophthalmologists in my 49 years. Dr. Downs by far gave me the best eye exam I have ever had. It didn't take long like many others have, I didn't have to have my eyes dilated, he has this new machine that takes pictures of the entire eye that eliminates the need of having your eyes dilated. I also have a HUGE fear of having my eyes touched (I know, I know ha ha) yet he was able to do the test for glaucoma where he has to touch my eye with a special little pen and after I stopped freaking out he gently touched my left eye with the tool and I felt NOTHING! No longer do they have to blow air into your eyes to check for glaucoma. It is just a gentle touch to the eye and I didn't even feel it!! I think my fear may have been cured thanks to Dr. Downs!!! When he did the exam for new glasses it was so much different and better than any other exam I had had. I wasn't "guessing" anymore like I had in my prior exams and finally got a pair of glasses where I didn't have to take them back for another exam and another prescription for yet another pair of glasses. And after my exam, Karen took me to the all new selection of glasses Dr. Downs provided and WOW again! Karen remembered that I liked Kate Spade and she took me over and there is an entire wall of all Kate Spade and it turns out the first pair she picked for me was the pair I decided to buy! She knows me so well! They got rid of all the cheaper, generic selection than Dr, Furcolow had provided and replaced them with Tiffany, Kate Spade and other nicer, designer selections. I wish I could give them 10+ stars because they deserve many more! I highly recommend Dr. Downs and his staff for all your eye care needs.
Jacqueline Posted on 07/22/2020 07:12 PM.
Dr. Downs was very personable, thorough and friendly. He explained all aspects of the exam and results to me and walked me through all options. Very easy to talk to him. The staff is also very friendly and welcoming. Everything went great!
Sharon Posted on 07/09/2020 06:12 AM.
Dr. Steve, Welcome to our Neighborhood! Your enthusiasm and interest in me as your patient is appreciated. Even tho our first "dry eye remedy" didn't fully restore my eyes, I am trusting this second approach brings comfort. And if not, I know we will figure out something else. Suzette Giannini
Margaret Posted on 06/29/2020 07:36 PM.
I called the office due to a problem I was having with my right eye. Karen was so great and upon speaking with Dr Downs I was given an appointment for that same morning. Dr downs is patient and took the time to explain how to treat my eye problem. I have been going to Villa Park Optometry for many, many years under the care of Dr Furcolow. I look forward to many more years going forward, under the care of Dr Downs. It has been a pleasure knowing Dr Furcolow and I wish him well as he enjoys a well deserved retirement. Margaret
Emma Posted on 06/26/2020 05:05 AM.
Very impressed with Dr.Downs,staff and comfortable atmosphere of office. First rate exams and confidence in Dr. Downs made this the best eye exam experience I’ve had, thank you all, Emma
Larry Posted on 06/24/2020 07:37 PM.
Joan Posted on 06/24/2020 12:38 AM.
Dr. Downs was great! Very personable, thorough and knowledgeable. I was very impressed. Welcome Dr. Downs!
Patricia Posted on 06/16/2020 11:40 PM.
Dr. Downs was very nice a knowledge. He made you feel very comfortable from the start. He is very professional and has the most high tech up to date technology to make sure you have the best eye exam experience. I was a first time client and I wish I would have started coming hear years ago. I would highly recommend him to all my friends and family. You wont be disappointed. His staff was also very warm and helpful. The overall experience was great.
Lisa Posted on 06/12/2020 05:56 PM.
Dr Downs & his staff were very friendly, helpful & easy to talk with. They set me right at ease & the exam & everything went well. I am very happy that he is my eye doctor.
Sabrina Posted on 06/06/2020 10:32 PM.
Dr. Downs and all of his staff were very nice and easy to talk to. My husband went with me to my appointment and he was impressed and wants to switch to also see Dr. Downs.
Kristine Posted on 06/04/2020 09:11 PM.
I was very impressed with Dr. Downs. He was great with my kids, very personable, easy to talk to and was very knowledgeable. My son got contacts for the first time and Dr. Steve answered our endless questions and made sure that my son was comfortable before we left the office. We will definitely be back and will refer our friends!
Christine Posted on 06/02/2020 12:02 AM.
It was a pleasure meeting Dr. Steve today. He was very positive and informative and seems very efficient and knowledgeable. His office staff is the best! I will be recommending him to my friends and wish him the best of luck!
Sarah Posted on 05/28/2020 05:34 PM.
Great customer service. Informed me of everything he was doing.
Michelle Posted on 05/26/2020 11:40 PM.
Johanna Posted on 05/14/2020 02:30 AM.
Amazing experience at Dr. Steve's office - It was the second time at the optometrist and they made it seamless, efficient, and graceful considering our challenging time with COVID. Looking forward to seeing better. Thank you so much!
Sylvia Posted on 03/17/2020 04:49 PM.
Dr. Downs did a thorough exam and we had a nice chat about all the things that I do and why I need to see so clearly and exactly. I'm very impressed.
Hilary Posted on 03/04/2020 07:30 PM.
Very pleasant experience, thorough, positive and enthusiastic manner, very detail oriented. Staff efficient, office very well presented. I will be back and refer anyone I can.
Katie Posted on 03/04/2020 06:14 PM.
I have had the BEST experience with Dr. Downs and his staff members. I have struggled with my eyes for many years and had two different eye doctors over the last 6 years set me up with very different prescription glasses. Both times, the glasses were terrible, i couldn't see correctly, couldn't adjust to the prescription and so i never wore them. I finally decided to try a 3rd optometrist, Dr. Downs, and he literally did MAGIC. I was set up with a pair of glasses that i can see clearly, don't make me nauseous and have made me want to wear them all the time. He was so personable and genuine, you will not find a better Optometrist to care for you. As difficult as I felt my eyes were, he took as long as needed till we found the perfect strength for me. I never felt rushed and never felt like just a number here. I also love the staff members up front- so personable and sweet and always smiling! It is so refreshing to go to a place that is so comfortable and enjoyable and actually helps with your eyes! I never write reviews, but Dr. Downs and his team are INCREDIBLE.
Jordan Posted on 02/27/2020 10:39 PM.
Dr. Downs was wonderful. I have always had trouble with my vision and have always worn contacts and glasses. He was able to get me to see better then ever. He made sure that I understood what each part of the exam was for. He also answered every question I had. He was very friendly as was his staff.
Jeanne Posted on 02/04/2020 10:28 PM.
I had my first meeting with Dr Downs today and felt he genuinely cared about my health. He was very kind, was relaxing and he explained everything. I am very thankful that I made an appointment and have found my forever optometrist. The ladies in the office are wonderful and helpful too. Did not feel rushed at all. Thank you to all.
Joe Posted on 01/23/2020 07:22 PM.
I was with Dr. Furcolow for 45 years and had a great experience. Today was my first eye appointment with Dr. Steven Downs and I was very impressed. Very personable, very thorough and a great experience. I look forward to working with him and would recommend him highly.
Margaret Posted on 12/17/2019 01:55 AM.
It was great to meet Dr Steve today. He provided examinations for both myself and my husband Branko. He was professional, sincere, competent and has a sunny happy disposition. I have been seeing Dr Furcolow for almost 40 years so was a bit anxious about the transition to a new doctor. All was dispelled upon meeting doctor Steve. The staff guided me through the new electronic checking/in system and were patient and kind. It’s a new system for them as well so it was a learning curve for all! Here’s wishing much success to Dr Steve as the new owner of Villa Park Optometry.
Matt Posted on 12/10/2019 09:45 PM.
As a patient of Dr. Furcolow Dr. Stevens made me very confident and his ability to do his job Anna and I feel that she’ll be a great assetTo the community of Villa Park very satisfied Mr. Lester
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