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Jaclyn WekOD
  127 Reviews
Dr. Wek graduated Summa Cum Laude from Southern California College of Optometry in Fullerton, CA. Her specialty areas include pediatrics and contact lenses, along with primary care optometry! Our patients love her kind, genuine interest in their care. We have added additional appointment times to our practice schedule now that Dr. Wek has joined us and she is a wonderful addition to our eyecare team!
James Posted on 09/23/2018 09:29 PM.
Dr Wek was very thorough during my eye examination. I appreciate her effort and concern.
Angel Posted on 09/24/2018 04:36 AM.
I absolutely love the staff! The care is equally great. Dr. Wek was kind and personable. I highly recommend this place.
Wanda Posted on 09/24/2018 06:53 PM.
I am old and deaf and communication with me is difficult but both staff and Dr Wek made me feel welcome. Each were thorough in their respective care of me and treated me with patience and kindness.. I came away feeling I was in good hands.
Courtney Posted on 09/27/2018 02:14 PM.
Dr. Wek took the time to explain each part of the exam and signs to watch for if I had any issues. My glasses and contact lense exams were easy and thorough.
Rosy Posted on 09/28/2018 07:31 PM.
Dr. Wek is the best. I have always worn contacts but I recently started struggling with dry eyes. I gave up and was ready to settle for contacts that used to work for me but Dr. Wek wasn't having it. She didn't give up and she took the time to figure out what would work best for me. SHE TOOK THE TIME. Something doctors don't do anymore. She's a very pleasant and kind person. Other doctors should take pointers from her and her team.
Lucinda Posted on 10/02/2018 05:58 PM.
Dr. Wek is great! She is very nice and great at explaining what she is doing
Kayla Posted on 10/03/2018 02:14 AM.
Dr. Wek did a great job! She gave me recommendations to help with my seasonal allergies which I feel is going above and beyond. Definitely recommend.
Franz Posted on 10/04/2018 08:07 PM.
Dr. Wek gave me probably the most thorough eye exam I have ever had. She explained everything she in an easy to understand manor. I spent 23 years as a Special Forces medic and it takes a lot to impress me. Believe me I was very impressed.
Amanda Posted on 10/04/2018 11:20 PM.
Dr. Wek is a powerhouse in a petite package that looks like she shouldn't yet be out of college...but don't be fooled! She knows what she is doing. Exceptionally thorough..detail oriented...and I figured that out in the first 30 seconds with her. As a retired Army officer - I've seen so many care providers of many specialties - not all of them that great. She is an exception to my vast experience. Highly recommend.
Andrew Posted on 10/07/2018 01:44 AM.
Dr. Wek and the office staff are delightful and took excellent care of my 10 year old son. Both were very patient and explained everything to my son and I. We definitely will return!
Lorraine Posted on 10/07/2018 01:46 AM.
Great doctor and staff! Definitely will return! Thank you for taking such good care of my family!
Diana Posted on 10/07/2018 03:21 AM.
Very nice Doctor, clean environment, super friendly. Had my eyes checked, she took good care of me!
Bettye Posted on 10/08/2018 04:37 PM.
Great Doctor! Took the time to answer all my questions and gave a thorough eye exam.
Takita Posted on 10/12/2018 11:26 PM.
Awesome experience!! Everyone was very kind and Dr. Wek took her time and completed a thorough exam. I have already recommended her to several friends. I will definitely return! Thanks for the wonderful experience!
Brett Posted on 10/12/2018 11:51 PM.
Great job by Dr. Pek and the whole staff. Very professional, courteous, and comprehensive. Would highly recommend.
Annie Posted on 10/13/2018 10:14 PM.
Very thorough and friendly! Love it here:)
Hannah Posted on 10/16/2018 04:59 PM.
Dr. Wek is an amazing doctor. The staff is wonderful and professional. I will definitely be back.
Kayla Posted on 10/21/2018 05:54 PM.
Dr Wek and the whole staff were great. She was very helpful getting me into contacts. I am so excited to be able to see without glasses!
Henry Posted on 10/24/2018 11:41 PM.
Dr. Wek was very patient, answer all my questions, very professional.
Kortney Posted on 10/25/2018 02:46 AM.
Dr. Wek was able to answer all of my questions, give me insight no one has ever given me and also give suggestions to help me feel more confident in my eye day life with some of the insecurities I have about my glasses. She's great!
Doyle (Lee) Posted on 10/26/2018 02:47 PM.
The entire clinic was welcoming, professional and knowledgeable. Definitely highly recommend this team for your eye care
Elizabeth Posted on 11/06/2018 06:41 PM.
Dr. Wek was absolutely incredible. I am a very tough patient when it comes to my vision, as I am very picky. She was extremely understanding and explained everything to me very thoroughly. Some of the concerns I’ve had for a long time were immediately addressed and explained. I appreciate her patience and willingness to make sure the patient is 100% happy. I will definitely be coming back to her for all my future eye care needs!
David Posted on 11/08/2018 06:45 PM.
Dr Wek and her staff were all top notch professionals. I received what I consider the most thorough eye exam I've ever received during a prescription renewal. I highly recommend Dr Wek and the entire staff for eye care needs.
Lisa Posted on 11/09/2018 03:19 AM.
Dr. Wek really takes her time with her patients and ensures that they get the prescriptions they need.
Adrianna Posted on 11/17/2018 11:16 PM.
Dr.Wek is so thorough and really spent time with each of my daughters on their exact needs. Definitely will be going back!
Larry Posted on 11/18/2018 08:02 PM.
Dr Wek is outstanding - I've been wearing contacts for 20 years and she and her staff provided the best ever eye exam and lens fitting, even allowing several trial lenses to ensure the proper fit and vision.She was extremely understanding and patiently explained everything thoroughly. She's willing to make sure the patient is 100% satisfied. I will definitely be coming back to her for all my future eye care needs!The entire clinic was welcoming, professional and knowledgeable. Definitely highly recommend this team.
Pamela Posted on 11/21/2018 01:14 PM.
Dr. Wek was very thorough and took her time to explain everything to me. It was a great experience and would recommend her to anyone. The whole staff was very friendly and helpful. Thank you!
Porfirio Posted on 11/29/2018 01:05 PM.
One of the best optometry visits I've had in long time and I appreciate on the wonderful input the doctor gave me.
Edith Posted on 12/04/2018 06:56 PM.
She was so helpful, patient, kind, and understanding during my contact fitting!
Bich-lien Posted on 12/12/2018 01:28 AM.
She is very tentative and patience with me. Very knowledgeable in her field. Went to see her just because I haven’t seen an Optometrist for quite a few years and have a free day, even I am out of the state. Wish I live close by I deffinantly wouls see her again.
Michael Posted on 12/13/2018 07:06 PM.
Highly recommend Dr. Wek. Top notch examination and care....Thank You
Iris Posted on 12/19/2018 03:55 PM.
Had excellente patient care with Dr. Wek after not seeing an optometrist for a while, highly recommend her.
Clara Patricia Posted on 12/21/2018 05:27 PM.
Highly recommend her. Caring and takes time to explain.
Damian Posted on 12/22/2018 12:00 AM.
Outstanding Dr.. Highly recommended .
Eliza Posted on 01/02/2019 03:55 PM.
Truly an awesome doctor and need more doctors like her. She took the time to explain things I did not understand.
Larry Posted on 01/05/2019 12:30 AM.
The team is great and very friendly. DR. Wek is great. Highly recommend her and this location.
Diana Posted on 01/05/2019 12:33 AM.
Very friendly and clean clinic. Dr. Wek is awesome and explained everything in detail. Thank you for everything to the whole staff.
Katie Posted on 01/12/2019 07:39 PM.
The care was excellent
Kong Posted on 01/15/2019 07:41 PM.
Explained everything in common language, easy to understand what is going on with the exam. Professional in all aspects.
Franz Posted on 01/27/2019 05:45 PM.
See my review of 10/04/2018. Really nothing to add. I still think Dr. Wek is the best.
Minnie Posted on 01/30/2019 02:17 AM.
Was very caring, took time to explain every detail. Made me feel very comfortable and answered all my questions.
Gwen Posted on 02/06/2019 02:52 AM.
Appointment was excellent. Determined and mindful. Listened to what I had to say.
Kayleigh Posted on 02/06/2019 06:47 PM.
Appointment was great, overall nice and great doctor.
Ashley Posted on 02/07/2019 12:10 AM.
Appointment was great!
Genesis Posted on 02/07/2019 12:59 PM.
She was great , best doctor I’ve met !
Trevor Posted on 02/10/2019 01:17 AM.
Dr. Wek is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to meet! She’s great with kids!!
Joanne Posted on 02/16/2019 06:31 PM.
Had an excellent visit. The staff was friendly, professional from walking in door, signing in to leaving. Dr Wek was very thorough, explained everything. Great to be comfortable in an eye exam!! Best eye Dr I have ever had.
Barry Posted on 02/17/2019 03:07 AM.
Very thorough, professional and kind
Lee Posted on 02/25/2019 11:27 PM.
Impressed with her thoroughness, explanations and professionalism! Did not rush, even though she had many patients the day I saw her. Answered all my questions and referred me to an ophthalmologist surgeon when I asked about cataract surgery.
Gwen Posted on 02/27/2019 03:19 PM.
Very professional. Staff is great.
Darcia Posted on 03/02/2019 11:50 PM.
All five of my family members have had a great experience with Dr. Wek and her staff!
Terry Posted on 03/15/2019 09:05 PM.
Dr. Wek was very professional she listened to and addressed all my concerns.
Ricky Posted on 03/16/2019 10:41 PM.
Myself and the wife had appointment today with Dr. Wek and very pleased with her care and compassion. I recommend Dr. Wek to others which I have already done. We will come back again for further service.
Mary Layne Posted on 03/18/2019 03:13 PM.
Dr. Wek was very helpful and answered any questions I had. She was willing to spend extra time with me trying different things that work best for me and my eyes.
Michelle Posted on 03/28/2019 09:59 PM.
Was very satisfied with my visit and exam. Dr: Wek answered my questions and went out of her way to check my eyes for allergies
Tessy Posted on 03/30/2019 10:54 PM.
The a whole staff was very professional and polite.
Eric Posted on 04/04/2019 02:41 AM.
Very friendly explained everything to me. Felt I was getting excellent care.
Magdalena Posted on 04/14/2019 11:48 PM.
Staff was very professional. I highly recommend
Alexandra Posted on 04/16/2019 05:58 PM.
Dr. Wek is very nice and professional. She took her time to find out exactly what I need and what my insurance covers. She was very understanding towards my little son who got a little impatient at the end waiting for me to be done. I highly recommend her.
Robert Posted on 04/17/2019 03:49 AM.
Very friendly, and explained everything she was doing.
Ross Posted on 04/19/2019 03:50 PM.
Thorough and professional
Pamela Posted on 04/19/2019 04:37 PM.
She was wonderful!!!! Highly recommend her !!!!!
Nicole Posted on 04/24/2019 01:07 AM.
I was apprehensive to go back to the eye doctor because I have had issues with the last glasses that I spent alot of money on. (From a different doctor) Dr. Wek gave a very thorough checkup and was able to fit me with contacts the same day. She was kind and understanding. The whole staff is fantastic. I was so impressed I made an appointment for my daughter! I highly recommend Dr. Wek and her team!
Katrina Posted on 04/27/2019 10:35 PM.
I was very happy with Dr. Wek. I was very nervous to me and to the appointment because I hadn't had an eye exam for many years. I know my vision had changed because I have astigmatism and myopia. Also in 2014 I was diagnosed with young-onset Parkinson's. I have been nervous that my eyes are changing due to Parkinson's. The doctor was very informative and professional and explained everything to me. She also let me know that my eyes were healthy. My prescription had changed, especially my left eye. I felt so much better when I left the appointment. Very nice, professional, and informative
Emilie Posted on 04/30/2019 11:00 PM.
My whole family sees Dr. Wek and she has been great with all of us. Very understand of both my kids and went out of her way to make my 4 year old comfortable with the processes and made if fun for her. We will continue to see her while we are stationed here.
David Posted on 05/01/2019 05:15 AM.
Great experience
Ariana Posted on 05/07/2019 11:27 PM.
Absolutely LOVE Dr. Wek!
David Posted on 05/10/2019 04:11 PM.
Very professional and through
Lori Posted on 05/10/2019 06:13 PM.
Very professional and fast and easy exam. Staff there is amazing and great.
Derek Posted on 05/11/2019 11:02 PM.
Great experience, clearly explained everything and patiently answered all my questions. Highly recommend!
Walter Posted on 05/12/2019 12:35 AM.
Very impressed with the ease of making an appointment, courtesy of the staff and thoroughness and professionalism of Dr. Wek. Highly recommend!
Mallory Posted on 05/15/2019 09:59 PM.
Very nice and very professional. She made the process simple and easy, I was out in no time at all with an updated prescription. I would highly recommend her.
Heather Posted on 05/16/2019 05:27 PM.
Dr. Wek is awesome :)
Hunter Posted on 05/19/2019 10:19 PM.
I was very happy with how everything went! The appointment was for my 6 year old boy. The staff were all very helpful, understanding and just wonderful to him. It made us both feel great and made everything easy! Thank you guys for being so awesome and getting his issues figured out so smoothly!
Noveliza Posted on 05/23/2019 02:12 AM.
Vert kind, respectful and professional
Gwen Posted on 05/29/2019 10:10 PM.
Patient and understanding.
Christopher Posted on 05/31/2019 05:25 PM.
Dr. Wek was very courteous and professional. She expertly walked me through everything I needed to know about wearing contact lenses; this is my first time wearing contacts. She answered all of my questions and concerns about wearing contact lenses and was very patient as I tried three different types of contact lenses. I wear progessive lense glasses so I went through all the different contacts that progessive lense users can wear. I ended up with getting the contact lenses for distance viewing and wearing readers for up close. It was the best choice for me and Dr. Wek fully supported me in my decision. I appreciate that. Overall, as mentioned previously, a very courteous and professional doctor!
Christine Posted on 06/06/2019 07:41 PM.
Chris 06/06/19 Dr. Welk Is one of the best eye Doctors I have ever worked with. I have multiple health issues and she listened to everything. She asked questions so she could understand what was going on with my eyes. She is my new eye Dr from now on. Thank you for being so caring.
Marilyn Posted on 06/14/2019 07:17 PM.
Very kind and professional
Deidra Posted on 06/15/2019 02:52 AM.
We were very satisfied with Dr Wek's professional expertise and excellence in patient care!
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